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PB Asher are fully approved Delphi Class A Workshop  - The complete solution for all Delphi diesel systems.

PB Asher have continued to invest in the latest technologies and are a fully authorised Delphi Class A workshop for diesel component test and repair. A brand new common rail air filtered, temperature controlled clean room is now in operation allowing our technicians to build injectors in the cleanest possible environment. Continuous investment allows the company to offer full test and repair on all types of Delphi diesel injection components including common rail injectors and pumps and E1 and E3 type unit injectors. Full warranty is offered on all repaired or exchange items and competitive options are available for our customers.

Delphi CR pump & Injector test and repair

Full Delphi diagnostic capabilities

Authorised E1 & E3 unit injector test and repair

The very latest Hartridge test equipment

Delphi DPA, Epic, DP200, DP210 pump test and repair

Large range of Delphi exchange products available

PB Asher is approved by: