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PB Asher are a fully approved Bosch Diesel centre – The complete solution for all Bosch diesel systems

PB Asher have continued to invest in the latest technologies and are a fully authorised Bosch Diesel Centre. The company currently has the very latest test equipment and tooling required by Bosch to carry out official repairs. A brand new common rail air filtered, temperature controlled clean room is now in operation allowing our technicians to build injectors in the cleanest possible environment. As part of the Bosch network PB Asher are now also quality scan capable and all repaired Bosch products will be supplied back to the customer with official quality scan sticker offering transparency of quality and knowledge that the product has been repaired by an authorised Bosch agent. Please contact us for more information of download the Bosch quality scan app.

The very latest test equipment

VP30 – VP44 diesel pump test and repair

Bosch common rail pump and injector test & Repair

Bosch inline and VE diesel pump test and repair

Bosch Quality scan approved

Large range of Bosch exchange products available

PB Asher is approved by: