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Global Quality Service

Reasons to use FIN

  • 24/7 emergency contact
  • A complete logistical solution, wherever your ships are, FIN can assist
  • Access to the knowledge and resources of all FIN members and their subsidiary members
  • OEM convenience without the OEM prices
  • Peace of mind that where the FIN logo is, the quality is there too.
  • Direct to ship collection/ delivery in over 50 ports worldwide
  • The use of a whole network of suppliers but with only one contact and one account
  • Technical assistance anywhere in the world

Products and Services

  • Complete fuel injector overhaul
  • Complete fuel pump overhaul
  • Supply and stock of OEM and FIN approved parts
  • Injector nozzle overhaul
  • Governor overhaul and exchange
  • Cylinder and piston overhaul
  • On-board overhauls
  • Turbochargers

A network of diesel specialists. Wherever you are in the world.